Anonymous asked: /post/20954278424 how did you make this?

Already explained here :)

weaselette asked: how do you do this effect? /post/20954278424 it looks amazing... partially because of bonnie. :P

mmm, it’s kinda hard to explain :P But hopefully this image can eplain it a little :P

For it to work you have to move a little the second layer. Move it to one side or up and down, whatever looks best for you.

To get that window you right-click on the layer and select “Blending Options” and then play around with ticking off nd off the channels.

Hope it explains it.

Anonymous asked: post/17800601734/happy-21st-birthday-bonnie-wright did you know how make it?

I did not make it though, why not try asking the graphic artist??

Anonymous asked: are you gonna do something to bonnie's birthday?

Nothing special really, I will make a graphic and message but nothing of a big project. I didnt had time to do anything :(

Anonymous asked: Can yu post some your psd?

I have some on my personal tumblr.

wright-love asked: Loved the new theme! It's beutiful.

Thank you! :D

backforthandinbetween asked: Where is this from? :) post/11425109036

I just answered this. Check below. :)

Anonymous asked: Could you tell me where is this post/11425109036 from? Sorry the bother. Thanks in advance.

Warner Bros Studio Tour Web Chat

lissethcristina asked: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! May all your dreams come true in this magical, wonderful and extremely joyful season!!!

Thank you and merry christmas and happy new year to you!

wright-love asked: You are in my Best Blogs of 2011 <3 /post/14702686542/

thank you! Guys follow Wright love! she has a very pretty blog!